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about me.

Canadian. Wannabe Writer. Shameless Dork. Easily Amused, Just as Easily Confused. Stuck in the 90's. Watches Too Much TV.


Friends Only. I tend to ramble on about fandom stuff a lot, with some more personal entries interspersed here and there. I'm not currently adding.

42, 80s music, 90s music, abba, abed nadir, alison goldfrapp, ancient egypt, ancient greece, ancient history, ancient mesopotamia, ancient rome, annie edison, astrid farnsworth, astronomy, bbc sherlock, beck, benjamin linus, biology, björk, bones the series, books, breaking bad, british columbia, britta perry, california, canada, cartoons, classical mythology, comedy, community, dana scully, daniel faraday, daria, david duchovny, daydreaming, desmond hume, dexter, drabbles, early 90s techno, egyptian mythology, extrasolar planets, fan fiction, fantasy, fantasy fiction, fiction, flight of the conchords, folklore, fox mulder, fringe, fry & laurie, futurama, galaxies, gillian anderson, glee, goldfrapp, graphic novels, greek mythology, historical fiction, history, homestar runner, house md, hugh laurie, hugo "hurley" reyes, hyperbole and a half, introversion, james "sawyer" ford, jeff winger, jemaine clement, john locke, kalifornia, lady gaga, ladytron, learning new things, libraries, life on mars, lost, mad men, madonna, mesopotamian mythology, meta, monty python, mulder, mulder's fish, music, musicals, mythology, nerding out, nerds, nostalgia, olivia dunham, orphan black, over-analysing everything, parks and recreation, planets, procrastination, random facts, rants, reading, religious studies, sarcasm, satire, science, science fiction, scully, senor chang, shakira, sheldon cooper, shirley bennett, silence, sleeping, smoothies, solitude, spaced, spooky mulder, star trek, starburns, stars, string theory, stupid jokes, sun-hwa kwon, supernatural, television, temperance brennan, terry o'quinn, the 4400, the beatles, the big bang theory, the early nineties, the eighties, the killers, the nineties, the simpsons, the x-files, tim hortons, time travel, torchwood, troy barnes, ubc, universe, vancouver, walter bishop, watching tv, weeds, writing, x-files, x-files: fight the future, xkcd, yeah yeah yeahs, zooey deschanel


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